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The dust has settled from PowerUp 2015, and we are proud to announce that this year’s CRM event was hands down our best ever! We had over 400 people in attendance including our customers, representatives from HCL and Microsoft, and our PowerObjects staff. This year’s event was held once again at the Hyatt Regency in lovely downtown Minneapolis. For our blog today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the highlights from PowerUp 2015. Let’s take a look!


Breakout Sessions

We had over 60 breakout sessions this year, many of which were standing room only! One of the great things about PowerUp is that CRM beginners can mix and mingle with CRM pros, and this year was no exception.

This year we also featured several roundtable discussions for open Q&A and consensus workshops that gave attendees a fun and engaging way to build energy around actionable solutions to common challenges with a small group. Our attendees came ready to contribute a few ideas and walked away with many!

Swag Store

This year, we took things up a notch with our PowerObjects Swag Store. Attendees were able to collect “Swag Tickets” throughout the conference by engaging during sessions, asking our staff general knowledge questions, volunteering for video testimonials, and more. The tickets could then be traded in for PowerObjects gear including jackets, t-shirts, gloves, hats, coffee mugs, and MORE! It was no Black Friday, but our attendees were all able to leave with some slick PowerObjects gear without any elbows thrown!















Making its debut at PowerUp was our latest and greatest PowerPack collaboration, PowerTrivia! Built using Dynamics CRM workflows, PowerWebForm, PowerSMS, and PowerSurveyPlus, PowerTrivia was a fun way for attendees to interact at the conference. Participants were able to sign up to receive questions via their mobile phone and got questions sent directly to them all conference long. Check out what PowerObjects SVP and co-creator of PowerTrivia Dean Jones had to say about all the fun!

Customer Awards

At PowerObjects, we really love our customers, so when we get the chance to recognize some of our CRM rock stars who share our passion for Dynamics CRM, we take it! The winners of this year’s customer awards were hard to pick, as we had so many great candidates. We were finally able to boil it down, and these are the winners:

  • Visionary Powerhouse: Alliance Health
  • CRM “Raving Fan”: Theresa Kuske from Ergodyne
  • Trailblazer Award: Ruffalo Noel Levitz
  • Industry Champ: Mayo Clinic
  • Einstein Award: Britta Scampton from BGM TruNorth Wealth Partners
  • A Marathon of Innovation: HealthPartners
  • Stacked Up: Kelly Roofing
  • Rookie of the Year: Medica

From all of us at PowerObjects, we want to sincerely thank all of you for making this event our best ever. We’d like to send a special shout out to the Hyatt Regency staff. They really knocked it out of the park with everything from the venue, the service, and the FOOD! Don’t forget to join us next year for PowerUp 2016. Until next time, happy CRM’ing!


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Joe D365 is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 superhero who runs on pure Dynamics adrenaline. As the face of PowerObjects, Joe D365’s mission is to reveal innovative ways to use Dynamics 365 and bring the application to more businesses and organizations around the world.