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We have already seen how useful Action in Dynamics CRM can be. In this blog we will discuss what to do when you receive a message, “The Import of Solution Actions Failed,” when a plugin is registered for Action.



Before getting to the solution, let’s discuss the scenario where you might encounter this Solution Actions error. The Issue occurs when you have a Plugin registered on Action (custom message) and try to move your customizations to other Organization. Below are the detailed steps to explain the scenario:

  1. Create an Action (See a sample screenshot below)

    Solution Actions

  2. Save and Activate it.

    Note: You can register the Action in any Entity or Global. I am using a Global Action in my example.

    Solution Actions

  3. Create a Plugin and register it on Action (see below for sample steps)

    Solution Actions

    Solution Actions

  4. Add the Plugin, its step and Action to a custom Solution (Managed or UnManaged)

    Solution Actions

  5. Export Customizations and Try to Import the customizations to a different Organization.
  6. You will see the below Error.

    Solution Actions


As this issue will not allow you to Import an Action, here is an alternate approach with minor limitations.

  1. Create an Action same as above.
  2. Now create a custom workflow and register it using Plugin tool

    Solution Actions

  3. Now add this workflow as one of the step for Action.

    Solution Actions

  4. Publish this Action, add the Action & Workflow steps to a solution.

    Solution Actions

  5. Export the Solution and try importing it to new Organization.

    Solution Actions

  6. Success.

This process will have the same limitations when compared to a Plugin and custom Workflow. Otherwise, all should work as usual. For more helpful guides, see these Four Important Concepts Helpful in Understanding Actions in Dynamics CRM.

Happy CRM’ing!

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