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Get ready to unleash the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 with PowerObjects’ newest PowerPack solution, CRM 2013 PowerGrid. This solution enables CRM 2013 users to search within system and personal views, view pertinent information for the search results in the side reading pane, and edit records within the grid using the inline editing functionality.


PowerGrid’s searching functionality allows users to choose an entity, a view for that entity (system or personal), and search solely within that view. Once the solution has retrieved the search results users can use the fully configurable side reading pane to view the record’s information without having to open the records in new windows. Additionally, users have the option to use the action bar to create activities on the fly for selected records with the quick create button, insert new records into views, and delete records from the view.


The searching within views functionality provided with PowerGrid is pretty awesome, however the real magic comes with the inline editing functionality of PowerGrid! Inline editing allows Dynamics CRM users to update, add, or remove data from a record on the fly. In PowerGrid’s table, simply clicking once on a section of a records’ data will allow you to make edits. Say you are viewing All Active Accounts, and there is an account that you need to reassign to yourself, simply clicking on the Account Owner section of the record will open your look-up option.

Need to add a phone number to a record? Select the phone number section of the record and type the new number in. When you are done editing a record you will notice a small pencil icon to the left of the record, indicating that the record has been edited. Once you select Save from the action toolbar, the icon will disappear.

This solution changes all the rules when it comes to searching and editing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If you would like to try it please visit the PowerGrid webpage and start your 30 day free trial today. Make sure to visit our other CRM 2013 blogs for other tips and tricks. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the PowerPack Team at powerpackpro@powerobjectsweb.com/stg!

Happy CRM’ing!

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