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After Update Rollup 12 was released for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, we noticed a few quirks. Yesterday we talked about not being able to convert a lead after the update. Here’s another one for you: we noticed that in some situations after the update, the case entity’s ribbon was missing. Intriguing!


Luckily, this only applies to the case entity where the ribbon has been customized.

So, is your case ribbon missing? If so, here’s a quick tip to get the ribbon back.

case ribbon missing - UR 12

We need to disable the form assistant from the case.

Go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System > Entities > Cases > Forms > Main > Form Properties > Select the Display Tab. (Whew!) Then uncheck the Enable Form Assistant.

Now we test! Refresh your browser, Go to Cases > Open Case record, and check to see if the ribbon appears.

Note: the Form assistant has been disabled.

Hope this trick resolves this minor issue! If this was helpful, you might want to check out our other blogs related to UR 12/Polaris:

Happy CRM’ing!

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