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One of the powerful aspects of CRM 2011 is the ability to track ROI, and we’ve already covered some of this territory in our blog posts on tracking opportunity revenue by keyword. But there are a lot of other aspects to tracking ROI in Dynamics CRM. Things like…

  • Tracking ROI using vanity URLs and campaign codes
  • Tracking long sales cycle conversions
  • Tracking phone call conversions
  • Tracking e-commerce transactions
  • Configuring CRM 2011 to track marketing plans, programs and campaigns
  • Structuring dashboards to gain insight into effectiveness of marketing plans

On November 13th, PowerObjects consultant Doug Furney will be speaking about tracking ROI in Dynamics CRM at our annual PowerConnect event, and he’ll be covering all of these topics. (PowerConnect is our one-day CRM educational event of the year, and it is well worth going if you use CRM. Registration still open.)

If you go, we also have a great session on CRM Tips & Tricks, which will appeal to all types of users. It will cover hints, tips and tricks on how to gain productivity from CRM and become a CRM expert. We’ll also discuss free tools available for download that can enhance your CRM. The session will end with a Q&A session with a panel of PowerObjects consultants ready to address any challenges you’ve encountered.

Detailed agenda available here.

Sponsor highlight

PowerConnect is proud to have sponsor Broadlook as a gold sponsor. Broadlook offers research solutions that pull in real-time information from the internet automatically. Microsoft Dynamics customers can use Broadlook for CRM to mash fresh data from social profiles, corporate websites, blogs, SEC filings and press releases with existing CRM leads, contacts and accounts.

See you at PowerConnect!

Learn about tracking ROI in Dynamics CRM

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