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How does Microsoft Dynamics CRM support multiple languages?


Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be highly customized to your needs. But what about languages? Good news! CRM 2011 supports many languages, and the steps are the same regardless if your CRM solution is hosted or on-premise.

1. To enable multiple Languages within CRM, from the ‘Administration’ section, choose ‘Languages’.

2. Within the Language settings, select the appropriate language(s) you need to support, then choose ‘Apply’.

Dynamics CRM languages: settings

3. Within the ‘Administration’ settings, select ‘System Settings’. Click on the ‘Format’ tab.

4. Within the Format tab, select the appropriate Language format. Then click ‘OK’. This formats the appropriate base language to be selected by the Users in their personal options setting.

Once these settings have been set by the Administrator, you must now translate any custom fields created within any of the standard entities or custom entities. You must translate the labels within the schema name within each Field and then Publish the changes. If you modify the labels within the Form, it will not display the translated language.

5. Now, when a User logs onto CRM for the first time, they will need to perform the following:

a.Within the Browser client:

Go into File / Options

Select the Language from the drop down list that corresponds to the Language that was set above.

b. Or, within the Outlook client:

Go into File | CRM | Options

Select the Language from the drop down list that corresponds to the Language that was set above.

6. Once the User sets their preferences, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 will change all field labels, the ribbon, and navigation items to the appropriate Language that was selected.

And thatis how Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 supports multiple languages.

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Happy CRM’ing!

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