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CRM 2011 Properties OptionDear JoeCRM,


I need your immediate help in finding out smart ways to view the following information in Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

1. How do I view “Created By”, “Created On”, “Last Modified By” and “Last Modified On” fields without publishing them on the CRM form, header, footer or views?

2. How do I smartly view my basic minimum access permissions on an opened record without navigating to Security Roles area?

-Smarty Pants

Dear Smarty Pants,

Have you ever explored the CRM 2011 Properties option in a record? If not, then let me enlighten you on this productivity trick. You can open any CRM record (a contact is used in this example), click File à Properties and there you go!!!!!! You have the information on “Created By”, “Created On”, “Last Modified By” and “Last Modified On” along with your Access Permissions on the record at the click of a mouse. If you are still not clear, check the screenshots below and follow the steps:

1. Click File –> Properties


2. View Properties that open as a pop up


Happy CRM’ing!

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