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People often wonder if they can create contact records in CRM from an incoming email? The answer is Yes, in Dynamics CRM 2011 you now have a personal setting that allows you to automatically create the sender
of the e-mail or meeting organization as a contact or lead. By default, this option is enabled.


Click on File>CRM>Options

– Click on the Email tab

– Click on the “Create” bit field under the automatically create records in CRM section and then choose either contacts or leads as the record type to be created.

With Dynamics CRM 2011 we now have the ability to automatically create lead or contact records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM from the sender or organizer of tracked e-mail messages and meetings eliminating the need to manually track and create lead or contact records.

If you need help with this or anything else in MSCRM reach out to the CRM Experts at PowerObjects and we will be happy to help.

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