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Recently we had a client who began experiencing some issues tracking their email in CRM. While the email would promote to CRM with no issue, the system was having some difficulty associating the addresses in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields to records in CRM. I sent the client a few test emails to see if it could associate my email address with my user record in their production CRM system. After tracking the email in CRM, it became clear that the system was not associating the email with my user account.


This seemed quite strange to me, as I was certain that I had a user account in the system and that the user record also had my email address listed. CRM will try to match emails to Contacts, Leads and Users. Since I had a user record, I was certain the email would track. Frustrated, I began to troubleshoot and try a few different scenarios.

One of the first things that I did was run an Advanced Find to display the Users, Leads and Contacts with email addresses that matched mine. Much to my surprise I found a contact record with my email address listed as the primary email address! More than that, it appeared that the client had contact records built for ALL the users in the system. I removed my contact record (which left me with only a user record) and then attempted to track the email again. Success!

The issue was that CRM was unsure of which record to track the email against. Since I was listed as BOTH a contact and a user, the system did not know which to use. After removing the contact record, tracking resumed.

I will be sure to tell all of my clients in the future that they should not have both a user record and a contact record in the system 🙂

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