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Why You Should Be Using Marketing Automation in Your Marketing Strategy  46 min

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Marketing automation is a term heard a lot in the business world these days, but what do people mean when they say marketing automation? That’s a good question. The issue is that marketing automation means a lot of different things to different people.

In this webinar series, we’ll be giving you our take on the topic. We’ll define marketing automation, show you how to implement it within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and address how marketing automation should fit into your overall digital marketing strategy. We believe you should be considering three main points when thinking about marketing automation:

  1. You need to be using CRM to drive all of your marketing efforts.
  2. Never stop marketing to your current customers.
  3. Just try something!

In part one of our series, we will introduce the concept of Marketing Automation and show you why you should be using it in your overall marketing strategy as well as using CRM in the process.


Jeff Wedren 
Director of Marketing