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PO TV Live Webcast: Citizen Developer for Dynamics 365  30 min

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This PO TV Live Webcast: Citizen Developer for Dynamics 365, is intended to showcase one of our Dynamics 365 University course offerings: CRM Citizen Developer for Dynamics 365.  One of the Dynamics 365 University instructors for this course — Avni Pandya, Training Consultant — guides you through building out a work process using Microsoft Flow.  Through this session, you’ll learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used with Microsoft Flow to automate processes such transitioning Twitter interactions into leads within CRM for Dynamics 365.  Why work harder when you could be working smarter?  Watch this PO TV Live webcast to unleash the power of Microsoft Flow and Dynamics 365.  Come watch Avni and then register for the next course date!

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Citizen Developer is a newer term that has increasingly gained momentum — and rightfully so!  Citizen Developers enable an organization to grow and expand upon their existing Dynamics 365 environment utilizing no code or low code solutions.  Check out this blog on what makes a Citizen Developer, and then be sure to checkout this webcast.

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  • Live content is exciting, but it makes technical problems more of a nuisance since we can’t edit them away so easily.  Please forgive our hiccup, and review the missed audio content in this summary below:
    • What are Connectors?
      • Connectors are the different services where a Flow can a watch for a trigger, evaluate a condition, or take an action.
      • In addition to connectors for their own products, Microsoft has arrangements with other companies to make many different services connect through Flow.
      • There are more than 150 connectors available with a free Flow account, and you can gain access to even more with premium Flow accounts.
    • What exactly does Flow do?
      • Flows watch for triggers, evaluate conditions, and take actions.
      • Example: “When I receive a message in Gmail with an attachment, save it to a particular Dropbox folder.”
        • The trigger is “when I receive a Gmail.”
        • The condition is “with an attachment.”
        • The action is “save it to a particular Dropbox folder.”
        • This example requires Flow to have connections for Gmail and Dropbox.


Avni Pandya 
Training Consultant
PowerObjects, An HCL Technologies Company