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Now that your connected systems are talking, how do you take action?  55 min

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Digital Transformation and Smart Products are everywhere you go.  You can see it, hear it, even feel it; lights, beeps, and vibrations through the data it sends.   From the recent Field Service USA show, it was confirmed that companies are drowning in all this data that our products are giving, but are starving for actionable information.   If you are like many manufacturers or Aftermarket service providers, you are overwhelmed by the sea of data gathered back from assets but are thirsty for distilled insights. In this webinar we will discuss how to actively listen to what your connected systems are telling you and how to take action.

In this Webinar, you’ll learn how:

To make sense of what your industrial assets are saying

You and your customers benefit from a connected IoT Service and how to take action

To Predict Customer Behavior and Drive Revenue with Machine Learning

The Microsoft engine powers this technology as an agility layer on top of existing systems

HCL/PowerObjects bring it all together


Dan Cefaratti 
Field Service Practice Director

Jesse Alleyne 
Industry Solutions Exec, Manufacturing, Microsoft

Sumair Dutta 
Chief Customer Officer,
The Service Council