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Driving Omnichannel Customer Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365  43 min

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Consumer behavior is changing the way organizations interact, engage, and support their customers. Digital is the new starting point, and mobile and web are the face of today’s business. Customers demand a seamless experience across channels and prompt access to assistance anywhere, any time – is your organization equipped to meet these evolving expectations?

Join PowerObjects, an award-winning customer service solution provider, and CaféX, a leading provider of real-time communications software that transforms digital engagement, to hear what’s driving the demand for omnichannel engagement. Learn about a new, integrated solution that provides your customers with immediate personalized support while improving your staff’s productivity and leveraging your investments.

With CaféX Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can create omnichannel customer experiences with in-app support via chat, co-browse, document share and more. Hosted in the Azure cloud, and co-developed with Microsoft, this solution embeds real-time customer interaction channels within Unified Service Desk and web clients for Dynamics 365.

Join our webinar to:

  • Learn how CRM can help support an omnichannel approach, and deliver proactive, predictive, and repeatable interactions with your customers
  • See Microsoft’s preferred omnichannel solution for Dynamics 365 in action
  • Learn how to engage your customers proactively and resolve customer issues faster
  • Hear how PowerObjects, an HCL Company and CafeX can help you deliver high performance omnichannel experiences to your customers


Adam Borst 
Customer Care Practice Director

Len Kaminski 
Vice President Sales and Strategic Accounts

Jim Wessel 
Director, Sales Engineering