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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Dan, the Field Service Practice Director here at PowerObjects. Today we’re going to be talking about the top reasons why you should be using ServSmart. So if you’re a manufacturer or an aftermarket service provider, get your popcorn ready. What is ServSmart you ask? It’s a unified framework that leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 and related Microsoft Technology that gives you unparalleled visibility and information into your customer’s assets.

Oh, what’s that you ask? Oh, of course. Yes. In English, to know thy customer is to know the customer’s assets. So here we go.

Visibility to your install base. Almost every client that I meet with, the issues the same, they don’t know where their customers’ assets are. With ServSmart analytics not only do you have the capability to visually see where they’re located on the map, but also any critical details or service alerts, giving you the capability to find the right technician, with the right parts, and the right skill set to quickly solve the issue, and ultimately creating raving fans. Which leads us to our next big reason, the ability to monitor assets remotely, IoT.

It’s in your homes. Everybody’s talking about it. Thermostats, lights, even speakers. With connected field service, the shift from reactive to proactive service becomes a reality. Imagine giving the most ultimate and superb customer service by having a technician show up before a problem actually occurs. It’s this continued shift from reactive to proactive which leads us to our next big reason, predictive maintenance. Our customers are looking beyond IoT to understand when parts and equipment will fail.

ServSmart provides the ability to capture key asset data, analyze failure rates to help determine the optimal time for a part or equipment replacement. This information can be fed to a product lifecycle management system to help for future product development and improvement. Ultimately this will drive increased efficiency, reduce costs, and of course increase customer satisfaction. Now, finally, something we’ve heard all of our lives, knowledge is power.

PowerObjects has extended the Dynamics 365 field service asset capabilities by creating Asset Track. With Asset Track we can capture key asset related parts, asset snapshots so we know what the asset looked like 6, 12, 18, even 24 months ago, as well as other key performance metrics attributes, settings, and much more. This gives level one or level two support key information to help them solve an issue over the phone, preventing that expensive truck roll, or giving the technician added information so they can quickly solve the issue out in the field. All providing increased first-time fix rates, reduced costs, and of course increased employee and customer satisfaction. So there you have it, folks. Come check out the full ServSmart demo at our website, and thanks for watching Dynamics 365 in focus.