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PowerObjects is a professional services firm 100% focused on providing service, support, education and add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. See why choosing PowerObjects as your partner in your Dynamics CRM journey is one of the best decisions you can make!

Video Transcript

Why PowerObjects? I’m glad you asked; it’s something I know a fair amount about. We’ve created an organization built 100% around Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We wake up every single day and say, “How do we add more value back into this product?” Over the years what this has really turned into is what we call adding our four pillars of adding value back to CRM.

First is services. We have to be able to implement and deliver CRM systems to our customers that they’re going to use and get value out of. Table stakes, everybody has to be able to do services but it does not stop there because that is not where our customers stop needing our help.

The next really came around support. We had these systems implemented and people said, “I need a little fix here, I need a little help with this,” so we built out a support desk that is probably the largest in the world just supporting customers that use Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The next piece that people started coming to us for, “I need a little bit of training, I need a usability workshop, I need a boot camp.” We created an education department focused on one thing and that’s driving educational value back to users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Then if we roll way back way in our roots, we were custom app dev people, so we looked at this as an XRM platform from day one and said, “We can build little enhancements that’ll add value.” If you want a better way to search within the tool, you want a better way to survey in the tool, we have done it and we’ve added that as our PowerPack.

With services, support, education and add-ons, these are ways that we go to drive value back into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It’s really taken us to levels that we never thought. We’ve won awards all across the channel and we’re really proud of those awards. But enough talking about us. I want to know what else you want to know about Microsoft Dynamics CRM.