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Blue KC worked closely with PowerObjects to build a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Online solution not only for their sales organization, but also to roadmap how the technology would be implemented company-wide. Learn more in this video case study about their journey.

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Video Transcript

Dave Kaercher: I love to use the acronym KYC or know your customer.

Speaker 2: What I’m most excited for in the future of dynamic CRM here at BLUE KC is the opportunities that are now in front of us to look at this as one BLUE KC and supporting our customers in a transparent way and this CRM effort was really the catalyst to get us down that road.

Dave Kaercher: We are very autonomous and fragmented in terms of our adoption of CRM.

Lynn Giron: Part of what we wanted to do was to be able to pool in all the business areas we have here at BLUE KC and to just try to understand how CRM can benefit them.

Jill Glover: Having CRM will enable us to have one source of truth, one place that we can go to stay more organized, not only for our sales department but for the whole company.

Speaker 2: We talked through the pain points that exist today in the current processes and then started to align those pain points with capabilities within CRM.

Dave Kaercher: One reason for us in selecting Power Objects is their deep experiential knowledge within the health care vertical.

Lynn Giron: We decided early on to do the roam out process with Power Objects.

Jill Glover: The Power Objects team helped us to organize workflow and really think through the impact that we were making on each other.

Speaker 2: We defined a change management task force to focus on the overall user adoption of the system but also to identify key performance indicators and metrics that we could measure within the system.

Lynn Giron: Power Objects had obviously had experience with that before how to help us work through those change management exercises. They have somebody specific that we worked with, a layout of the process-

Jill Glover: They were able to share best practices with us, which was so important because we really were a blank slate.

Dave Kaercher: We have two business units right now running live on CRM and that is provider relations and large group sales.

Jill Glover: CRM will be used in our large group team for prospecting with new clients and to keep track of our RFP process as well as really routing a workflow for all of our renewals. Then once they come to the point of making a decision and buying Blue Cross we will be able to move into an implementation stage. We’ve just never had that visibility before.

Speaker 2: Provider relations today is now using CRM to manage contacts at the provider manage activity around that provider.

Lynn Giron: The group that we’re working on right now is contracting and credentialing. Projects have very much helped BLUE KC with our CRM vision and where we wanted to go with it.

Dave Kaercher: The cloud is part of our it operative model for example Microsoft, we bought into their entire cloud strategy and so we’ll continue to build that out.

Lynn Giron: We’ve leaned on the Power Object team to help us get CRM into the cloud and they’ve definitely been there every step of the way.

Speaker 2: I look at Power Objects as a member of BLUE KC.

Jill Glover: The Power Objects team did a great job of executing a successful strategy making sure that they were hearing everyone’s needs and then being able to produce a tool that would assist us all with our sales or our reporting needs.

Dave Kaercher: I haven’t seen anyone else that’s better than Power Objects with Microsoft dynamics yet. I mean I can’t emphasize it enough if I had more partners like Power Objects it would make my job a lot easier.`