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Hi, I’m Neil and I’m one of the senior consultants here at PowerObjects and a Microsoft MVP. Today I’d like to talk to you about the awesome functionality that we’ve got available in the USD Accelerator. But first, what is USD? USD stands for Unified Service Desk. It’s a fantastic configuration-based framework that allows us to create applications that addresses the specific needs we find in contact centers. But being such a flexible framework means that development can take time. It also means that our developers have a steep learning curve to overcome. The end result of that is that the return on investment of your project or maybe getting your proof of concept up and running, takes longer than expected. The USD Accelerator provides benefits to your business quicker than USD alone. It does this by providing the standard out-of-the-box configuration that we can apply to most implementations. All of its features can be enabled and disabled really quickly and easily. And this helps kickstart your project or get your proof of concept up and running quicker. The USD Accelerator integrates with many third party add-ons, such as Live Assist from CafeX for web chat or many of the PowerPack add-ons we have at PowerObjects. Additionally, we can integrate with many of the Dynamics 365 features, such as the Knowledge Base or Field Service. The USD Accelerator contains robust functionality that helps provide a 360 degree of your customer. Sessions allow your agents to interact with multiple customers simultaneously. Whilst telephony integration via CTI, PowerSMS, email and web chat all come together to provide a true omnichannel experience for your customer. For more information on the USD Accelerator, be sure to check out our webinar, where I’ll do a deep dive in some of its features. Or if you’d like to talk to somebody, go to our customer care page and complete a contact form. And finally, thanks for watching Dynamics 365 In Focus.