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We’ve all been there. One bad experience with customer service and just like that, you drop a company you’ve loved for years all because they failed you when it came to addressing your concerns, needs, or requests. Each customer is unique, and they should be treated as such.

Even one minor interaction that leaves a customer with a bad taste in their mouth can hurt your business. Leveraging the power of CRM not only allows you to have meaningful, targeted, responsive interactions with your customers, but it also means that your customers enjoy working with you and will most likely frequent your business or services again.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jim and I work at PowerObjects. Welcome back to our video series on why people put in CRM systems. Today, we’re talking about the tough problem of losing customers. There’s nothing worse than sitting around a leadership team table and asking, why did we lose that customer? People shrug their shoulders because they don’t know. CRM can assist you in helping you keep those customers inside your organization, and here are five ways that it can help.

First is that customer history. How did the person even become a customer in the first place? You have to be able to go back and look at that, lead the customer, and look at what brought that person in the door initially, because you want to not only repeat that, but it also gives you good insight into why they’re there.You need to be able to track customer preferences somewhere so that anybody in the organization can view them. It doesn’t do you any good just to have that knowledge in a salesperson’s head, the customer service team needs to know that, the operations team needs to know that, so if we put this in a system of record, everybody can see those preferences in one place.

Customer communications, you have to have one place that everybody in the organization stores their important customer communication so that anybody else can have access to that so that you can go back and look at that at any time.

Customer opinions, we use CRM to survey our customers so that we can bring those opinions back in so that we know even more about our customers.

The fifth way that CRM can assist is by helping you create customer support processes that will really drive engagement with your customers and do case management and do customer support management inside your CRM system, and keep those customers coming back.

Check out the Why CRM site. We’ve got a bunch more interactive videos. We’ve put together an e-book on this topic, and we’ve got some customer success stories about how people have used this to maintain customers.

Next week’s blog, we’re going to talk about bad data and how that drives bad decisions.