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Here at PowerObjects, one of our core values is "Live the Technology" and our team embodies this daily, whether that technology is a sonic screwdriver or CRM! See how two of our amazing team members took their passion for CRM and merged it with a love for Doctor Who to manage CONsole Room, a Doctor Who convention held here in the Twin Cities area. Using a combination of Dynamics CRM and PowerObjects' PowerPack Add-ons, they are able to put on such a great event that even the Doctor would be impressed!

Video Transcript

Jason: Hi, I’m Jason and I’m a CRM consultant. In my spare time, I manage CONsole Room, a local Twin Cities Doctor Who convention, and I use CRM and our PowerPack Add-ons to manage the event. I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since I was twelve years old, and we haven’t had a dedicated convention for Doctor Who in the Twin Cities since the early 90s. About three years ago, I decided the time was right to bring that back, so I developed a committee, found a hotel, and started marketing my idea for a Doctor Who convention to the local Twin Cities science fiction fan community. As a CRM consultant, I’ve worked with lots of different customers who have used CRM in many different ways, including event management. Here at PowerObjects, one of our core values is, “Live the technology,” and I knew that I could use CRM to vastly improve my own convention. We use CRM for its marketing segmentation and robust reporting capabilities, so that we can really get to know our attendees: What age group they’re in, where they’re coming from in the world, and whether they’ve been coming back, year after year.

Now I’m going to turn things over to Lindsey, my co-worker here at PowerObjects, and my companion in the CONsole Room. She’s going to talk about our PowerPack Add-ons and how we use them to extend CRM.

Lindsey: Hi! My name is Lindsey, and I’m a PowerPack Pro here at PowerObjects, and also the online registration head of CONsole Room. We utilize a variety of PowerPacks for our CONsole Room CRM in order to increase productivity and also to streamline our processes and operations.

The first PowerPack we use is PowerZapEvent. PowerZapEvent manages all of our online registrations in CRM. Promo Codes allow us to measure our marketing success by letting us know where our leads came from. Additionally, with PowerZapEvent, we’re able to set up different event activities for different membership types of our convention. We also are able to use different pricing structures per event activity that we set up.

We use PowerWebForm to collect inquiries from our vendors, dealers, and artists. Then, all that data goes directly into CRM and we can reach out to those contacts later.

We use PowerMailChimp to send all of our mass communications for CONsole Room. PowerMailChimp even lets us include our logo and other branding in our emails.

Finally, we use PowerSurveyPlus to send out surveys to all of our registrations to gather feedback in order to continually improve our convention. PowerSurveyPlus allows us to use over twelve different question types to gather exactly the type of data we need.

For a thirty-day free trial of any of our PowerPack Add-ons, check out our website.

Jason: And if you want to know more about CONsole Room, check out our website.

Both: Thanks for watching The CRM Minute!