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Welcome to The Masters golf tournament! Kind of. In this episode of The CRM Minute, hear from Kyle on how he used Dynamics 365 and our PowerPack Add-ons to create a fun game during The Masters golf tournament.

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Video Transcript

Kyle: Hi. I’m Kyle. I’m an inside sales rep at PowerObjects, and welcome to The Masters golf tournament, kind of. Really, today I want to talk to you about using Dynamics 365 and our PowerPack Add-ons to create a fun game during The Masters golf tournament. So, what is the game? It’s like most fantasy games where you choose a group of players and you follow along with them during the golf tournament.

I’m the friend that always has to manage this every year so I decided this year I wanted to help make the process a lot more easy on myself. So, I’m using Dynamics 365 and our PowerPack Add-ons.

For the game to work, all you need is Dynamics 365 and three of our PowerPack Add-ons. First you need PowerWebForm. I use PowerWebForm to get all my friends into my Dynamics 365 system. What I did Is I sent them a web form. All they had to do was fill out their name, phone number, email address, and once they submitted, I got that information back in my Dynamics 365 system.

Now that I have my friends’ information, it’s time to make our picks. For that, I use PowerSurveyPlus. It’s very easy to do. All I did was create a simple survey, putting the golfers in The Masters golf tournament into groupings. Once I had my survey ready I sent that survey off to my friends through the CRM system. My friends, very quickly and easily, were able to choose their picks and when they clicked submit, that information came back into the record I had them in CRM, making my life much easier, and allowing me to watch more golf.

The picks are in and the tournament is underway. But, now I need a way to keep my friends updated throughout the golf tournament. This is how I used PowerSMS. PowerSMS is a text messaging tool that you can use within Dynamics 365. With PowerSMS I’m able to bulk update all my friends throughout the tournament. Rather than having a big group message, I decided to just use PowerSMS to keep them updated, and a little trash talk.

There you have it. Another way PowerObjects lives the technology. And this year’s Masters tournament was a huge hit. I had more entries than I ever had and I received a lot of compliments from my friends on how easy it was to use.

That’s what is so great about Dynamics 365. The solution can be completely customized to fit your needs. If you’re interested, you can also activate a 30 day free trial of any of the PowerPack Add-ons, including the three that we talked about today.

Thank you for watching, The CRM Minute, and I’ll see you on the links.