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AppSource is a new feature from Microsoft that lets users explore and trial business applications to enhance the functionality of their existing Microsoft products. Any of PowerObjects' are available PowerPacks in AppSource. Simply download them directly from Dynamics CRM Online org and you'll be ready to get started!

Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Whitney. Today, I’ll be talking to you about the new AppSource from Microsoft. What is AppSource anyways? AppSource is your new destination to find and trial applications to fit all your business needs. AppSource features apps that work with your existing Microsoft products, including Power BI, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Azure, and more. AppSource features twenty six of our PowerPack add-ons and makes them available for download directly from CRM Online or through the AppSource website where you can try any app for free before buying.

Our PowerPacks are designed to enhance the capabilities of Dynamics CRM while providing even greater functionality and efficiency, all for just one or two dollars per user per month. Whether you’re looking to increase productivity in your CRM or animate your marketing processes, there’s a PowerPack add-on to fit your unique business needs.

Getting started is easy, just follow these steps to install your free thirty-day trial. First, navigate to the AppSource store, either in a web browser or from inside CRM Online. Search for specific PowerPack add-on or explore the entire library of add-ons featured in AppSource. Click on a PowerPack to view more information, including a description of how the solution works and flip through the image gallery.

When you’re ready to download your trial, simply click the try button. Once you agree to the terms and conditions, the solution will automatically begin to import into your CRM. Once the PowerPack add-on is imported into your CRM, make sure to register it and you’re ready to get started. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Head over to AppSource now and try a full version of any of our PowerPack add-ons free for thirty days. No credit card information is needed to get started.

Want to learn how our PowerPacks can help with your marketing automation? Check out our three-part marketing automation webinar series where we’ll debut our latest and greatest PowerPack, PowerNurture. A marketing automation dream come true! Thanks for watching The CRM Minute.