By making the switch to Parature, from Microsoft, and partnering with PowerObjects, Monoprice has a flexible solution that provides better real-time insight into their data, helps them assess business needs, and allows their agents to deliver efficient and effective customer service.


Video Transcript

Mark Kibler: Monoprice is an internet retailer in electronics. We carry over six thousand parts of high quality electronics. Everything to support your stereos, TVs, anything electronic that you can think of. We have a variety of different customers. We have a B2C component, we have a B2B component, we have installers, AV people, and we also have a reseller group.

Darla Sebastian: What was important for us was to find a solution that would benefit both customer service and sales teams, as well as save us some money.

Paul Sarkis: Monoprice decided to step away from Salesforce and move in to Parature because we weren’t comfortable with the information that we’re getting from Salesforce, as well as the support that they were supplying us. We were looking for someone that we can grow with and Parature was that option.

Nick Thompson: It’s important to have a tool like Parature that will allow us to segment the information that we get and being able to know how to take it to the next level. It’s about the ability to have the insight and to seeing what the customer wants are. Having a tool is going to allow us the capability to service the customer quicker, so that our agents can be able to handle more customers and do it in a quicker fashion.

Paul Sarkis: Not every customer wants to chat or email with the tech. They want to be able to go on our site and find the information they need on their own. Our employees now have one platform where they get all the information they need to take care of our customers and our customers now have a platform that they can go online and use for self-serve section.

Nick Thompson: It’s immediately allowed us to see the flexibility and the ease of use. Being able to see at a very low level day to day, and at a very high level actionable data insight that we didn’t have before.

Paul Sarkis: We use that data every day to assess our business needs, assess our employee needs, and assess our customer needs.

Nick Thompson: We’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth in terms of efficiency and productivity. Parature allows us to on the fly add content within our department and be able to update whatever information we need to real time.

Darla Sebastian: At Monoprice, we seek technology vendors that would work with us for the long term. We look for quality, service, and cost. PowerObjects ranks high on that list. The length of time that we were able to implement phase one, which is to move out of Salesforce and in to Parature was roughly six weeks. PowerObjects was there to help us plan, execute, and deliver the solution within the time frame that we needed to go live with. Dynamics CRM is on our roadmap to implement this year. We are looking for a solution that would help us incorporate both Microsoft CRM and Parature together. We are seeking Microsoft’s guidance and PowerObjects in order to ensure that what we will implement is part of the roadmap that falls within the Microsoft roadmap as well. PowerObjects was a great company to work with. The team that had worked with us during the implementation were phenomenal.