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PowerObjects, an HCL Company, is the 2016 Microsoft Modern Marketing Partner of the Year! We are honored for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology. PowerObjects' team of modern marketers was recognized for providing outstanding solutions and services in Modern Marketing. The Modern Marketing Partner of the Year Award recognizes a partner who is using modern/digital marketing practices to acquire, convert and retain customers.

Video Transcript

We are modern marketers at PowerObjects. We believe in giving our team the power to try new things through a built it, measure it, learn from it philosophy.

The marketing team at PowerObjects is run as an internal agency, supporting everything from operations to R&D to sales. We have adapted an agile methodology and applied it to every facet of our marketing team.

Our marketing strategy comes down to a focus on three target audiences: existing Dynamics CRM customers, prospective Dynamics CRM customers and Microsoft.

We have always lived by the mantra give, give, give. We give as much content and information from a voice of authority as we can so that when a buyer is at the sweet spot of their journey, there is no alternative than to go with PowerObjects.

Our website is really the center of our universe and our blog is the main driver of our content distribution strategy. We saw first-hand success this year by increasing our website conversion rate by over 2500%. In 2015, our website had over 1.2 million views. We tripled the visitors time on the website, tripled the pages they view per session and had a 17% increase in engagement.

Joe CRM, our alter ego, has provided a singular voice for our branded content and is really a showcase of our company culture. In 2015 our content was shared over 110,000 times on social channels. We have made a significant investment in video content by adding a video specialist to the team and building out an on-site studio at our headquarters.

PowerObjects is building big on video and it is already paying off. By shooting video and transcribing the content we have multiplied and expanded the depth and breadth of our message. The best example of our video strategy is our Why CRM microsite. Our goal is connect with people who are new to CRM and to explore the emotional business triggers that cause businesses to start looking for a solution. In only four short months the site has seen over 3,000 unique visitors.

Our PowerPack Add-ons are CRM apps that we use as marketing tools. Every piece of content that we create, every web form that we drive traffic to, it is all based on our own technology and it all feeds back into CRM.

We put a lot of energy and resources into events like CRMG Summit, Convergence, and our own conference, PowerUp. This also includes the Microsoft sales kick off events that are an opportunity for us to get in front of the folks at Microsoft. We chose to gamify the relationship building process and make it creative, fun, and interactive.

PowerUp is an opportunity for CRM users to come together, learn about CRM and get more in depth training and network with CRM customers. The event has furthered our business over the years and given our customers even greater confidence in their partnership with PowerObjects.

Traditionally, Convergence is our single largest annual investment. Our primary goal at Convergence is PowerObjects everywhere. This drives our entire strategy from branding, technology, giveaways, social media, and so on.

It’s always been how can we relate this back to CRM? How can we show examples that we are living the technology? One example of this is the lead capture process. We have never done lead capture in a traditional way at Convergence. We take traditional marketing opportunities like table tents and incorporate them into our non-traditional lead gen process. To entice attendees to our booth we had them text CRM for instructions on how to pick up their free swag. Once attendees got to the booth we confirmed the information we received from the text message with a custom lead capture app we created that plugged into our CRM. This created a nice tight process that allowed real time information to flow back to CRM.

We also took a picture of each attendee which was associated with their lead record in CRM through our PowerPhoto add on. CRM automatically kicked out a PowerSurvey with lead qualifying questions. Staff would check boxes in the app with the attendees’ interests and a work flow on CRM would send them relevant information from our PowerShare add-on.

We used our PowerSMS add on to send out text messages reminding attendees to come back to our booth for our giveaway each evening. We used a custom CRM app to randomize the leads. It took everyone and randomly selected a winner by displaying their photo on our big booth screen. This marketing tactic dominated the show floor and the end of each day drove 3 to 400 people back to our booth.

One of the driving factors around swag has always been giving away something that is different that shows our brand loud and proud. PowerObjects employees who served as our prize patrol would find people wearing the hoodie, take a picture of them with our Joe CRM cut out and give them a prize. We shared this on social media to keep the buzz going and encourage attendees to keep wearing the hoodies. You couldn’t walk more than ten feet without seeing one. I mean, we had some pretty important people take pictures with our swag.

For a daily drawing we had attendees take creative photos of themselves in their CRM hoodies and share them on social media. This contest was so popular that we continued it after the show ended.

All of the leads that we captured on Convergence were put into our marketing funnel. We had a post Convergence campaign queued up and based on our lead gen process we had information sent to them that was targeted.

As a team and company we are extremely proud of our marketing strategy. Our team continues to work hard to merge our love of technology and strategy with CRM in a very real and fun way.

The catalyst for many of our achievements at PowerObjects has been our marketing engine. Marketing is layered into every aspect of our organization and is the reason we have won a Microsoft Power of the Year Award three out of the last four years in addition to a number of other prestigious awards.

From top to bottom we are agile, we’re cutting edge and most of all, we’re successful. This is why we are modern marketers.