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Jim Sheehan, Senior Vice President of PowerObjects, an HCL Company, and Greg Palesano, EVP, Global Head of Application Services of HCL Technologies, discuss HCL's recent acquisition of PowerObjects and what this new partnership means for their customers. The global scale of HCL and the expertise of PowerObjects make for a powerful combination, and will enable PowerObjects to continue to deliver unparalleled services around Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the goal to positively impact one million users of Dynamics CRM around the world.

Video Transcript

Jim: We want to have sort of this world domination around Microsoft Dynamics here. We became pretty much the dominant player in North America when it related to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Once we got to that prominence really in North America, there were a lot of people that started looking at us because it’s a very interesting market. We went out there and strategically decided what makes the most sense, what kind of company do we want to partner with?

Greg: HCL is a seven billion dollar IT professional services firm. Very much a global company, 110,000 employees. PowerObjects is a company with great leadership, a singular focus on Microsoft CRM implementation services. HCL is a company with global size and scale. The match of those two companies makes a fantastic set of offerings and services to our clients. HCL’s relationship with Microsoft is quite broad. First, as a provider of services to Microsoft. Second, as a buyer of product and services from Microsoft. Then thirdly, and probably most importantly, is we jointly go out into the market in a collaborative fashion. The PowerObjects relationship with Microsoft is going to be very additive to that broad relationship that HCL already enjoys with Microsoft.

Jim: One of the reasons that we were very interested in merging with HCL, and they were interested in acquiring us, was the fact that we were fanatically focused around driving value in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM ecosystem. In the four pillars, services, support, education, and add-ons. That is still how we look at it internally at PowerObjects to add value back to dynamic CRM. A lot of people have asked us, “Well with this merger, who should I work with now inside of PowerObjects?” The same people you’ve always worked with.

As we get into this HCL, I mean, they bring things to the table that PowerObjects isn’t going to do. There were business challenges that were coming at us that we weren’t sure really how we were going to solve on our own, so it made sense to start looking at global organizations that really give us the ability to scale at will, and teach us a little bit about some of the other business models that they’ve been successful with.

Greg: What we’re really excited to do is provide an ever-increasing, better level of service to our clients. We’re looking very much forward to aggressively growing our company across the globe.

Jim: We’ve got this aspirational goal to positively impact a million users of Dynamics CRM. By merging into HCL, and running PowerObjects in HCL company, we’re going to get to that million users even faster.