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A growing nonprofit organization with a mission to serve people with disabilities and their families, Lifeworks wants to minimize administrative costs and act on any opportunity to enhance the quality and scope of its services. Older technology was not keeping up with the organization’s complex requirements and had become expensive to operate. Lifeworks worked with PowerObjects and Boyer & Associates to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM, upgrade Microsoft Dynamics SL, and integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Microsoft Dynamics SL. PowerObjects and Boyer & Associates also extended the solutions with custom functionality. With new efficiencies, a far lower cost of technology ownership, and the ability to extend the solutions with its own resources, Lifeworks has maintained low costs during a period of rapid growth in demand for its services.

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lifeworks was founded in 1965 by a group of families with a shared vision of helping people with disabilities across the state lead fuller lives. Lifeworks builds relationships with employers, families, and government agencies to provide a growing and increasingly complex range of services to those with disabilities and their kin.

Video Transcript

Lifeworks is a nonprofit that provides services to people with disabilities and our mission is to serve the community and people with disabilities as we live and work together. We’re a mission-based business, but like any other business, we have lots of processes that we need to maintain and that we need to carry out, and CRM is kind of our go-to for being able to integrate all of those different business systems. What that allows us to do is focus more on serving the people that we work with.

One of the main programs that we provide at Lifeworks is called Career Development and there’s a lot of pieces that go into doing that successfully and so for us, we really need a tool like Microsoft CRM to help us manage all of those different processes and help make sure that we’re making progress for each individual person on that career path.

When we were looking to replace our old CRM, we also knew that it needed to be something that would integrate all of the different components of our business, from finance to fundraising to HR and sales, and so Microsoft Dynamics CRM provided a nice balance of those things. One of the reasons that we chose PowerObjects to be our vendor for CRM is it’s a highly respected company.

The relationship between Lifeworks and PowerObjects is a true partnership. We’re really able to bring them into a lot of different business initiatives that we have, and consult with them about what it is we need, and they’re able to provide true solutions that aren’t just quick fixes, but show that they’re really invested in our business and care about the results.