Food Truck Friday is an annual event that PowerObjects hosts during the summer for the North Loop Minneapolis neighborhood. Get a closer look as food truck manager of the Gastrotruck food truck, Chris Nankivil, tells PowerObjects about their delicious food. And make sure you join us every Friday in the North Loop this summer for a delicious food truck each week!


Video Transcript

My name is Chris Nankivil. I’m the food truck manager with Gastrotruck. We’re parked out in front of the PowerObjects building in North Loop Minneapolis. Our food is seasonal, artisanal crafted, made from scratch. It comes from local farmers that use practices to grow our products.

Today we have a black bean burger. It’s going to be topped with house-made jalapeno relish and greens. We have roasted chicken sandwich that’s going to be topped with goat cheese dressing with pickled celery and caramelized onions and greens. We have a beef brisket, grass-fed beef brisket, sandwich with a horseradish aioli, red cabbage slaw and greens. We have duck meatloaf today with ramps. We have a fennel Dijon aioli. Then we have a tilapia fish taco with the Dijon fennel dressing and a house-made coleslaw.

My favorite item on the menu is most definitely going to be our duck meatloaf. We are one of the few food trucks in the twin cities that actually gets a hold of duck. It’s going to be topped with pickled ramps and the Dijon fennel aioli which makes it super awesome. Add a fried egg and it’s even better. If you’re ever thinking about running a food truck, it’s going to be literally every day is a different scene, different cities, different parts of towns, and getting to see people out and about. People watching is a lot of fun also.