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Food Truck Friday is an annual event that PowerObjects hosts during the summer for the North Loop Minneapolis neighborhood. Get a closer look as Foxy Falafel food truck manager, Nicole, tells PowerObjects about their fantastic falafel. And make sure you join us every Friday in the North Loop this summer for a delicious food truck each week!

Video Transcript

My name is Nicole and I’m with Foxy Falafel Food Truck today. Today, we are parked at Power Objects over on the North Loop.

Our food, I would say, it’s an eclectic take on Middle Eastern cuisine. Today, we are serving our falafel, which is a signature dish, and then we’ll also have the turkey gyro, our cheese curds and our cauliflower steaks.

My favorite item on the menu is probably the cauliflower steaks. My favorite thing about working on a food truck is probably being able to be out and about, meet different people, go to different places every day and bring our food to people who have maybe never been to the restaurant or heard of falafel before.

Our restaurant is located off of University and Raymond Avenue over in St. Paul.