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PowerObjects built the Sales Toolbelt to address many of our customers’ most common requests for additional functionality. With Dynamics 365 as the backbone, Sales Toolbelt uses Azure functions to deliver robust capabilities. Watch the video to get a glimpse of the functionality this award-winning Power Apps tool provides. And visit our Partner Showcase page (http://bit.ly/PartnerShowcaseApp) to try it for yourself!

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Venkat. Today, I’m here to tell you about Sales Tool Belt by PowerObjects, an app your sales team won’t be able to live without. Simply put, the Sales Tool Belt app gives all salespeople access to all sorts of relevant information from their CRM on the go. Although it’s called the Sales Tool Belt app, it can be for a traveling salesperson, or a field technician, it’s very versatile.

PowerObjects got a lot of feedback from our customers. What we mostly heard was all of their end users who were traveling, whenever they wanted quick access to CRM information, there wasn’t really an easy way to do so. One, they either had to open their laptops to access CRM, which was a cumbersome process. Or, they had to use the out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 app, which is very good, but it does come with its limitations.

The Sales Tool Belt app removes limitations of the Dynamics 365 app by providing access to the most relevant information and the ability to perform quick actions with the least number of clicks. The backbone of this app is Dynamics 365, although you can connect it to any system of your choice.

In addition, it uses something called cognitive services. Cognitive services are a set of services that are in Microsoft Azure, and these services are used for performing certain actions like scanning business cards or entering your notes in your app through just your voice. Let’s take a look.

If you use Dynamics 365, you’re probably familiar with this interface. Up on the top menu, you have access to all of your areas. Within sales, you have accounts, contacts, opportunities, leads, etc. And then whatever you want to access, you drill into it. Right now, I’m in my opportunities area. I see my open opportunities, if I want more information, I drill into each one of these to get more access.

So now let’s see what it looks like on the phone. When I switch to my phone and I open the Sales Tool Belt app, this is the first thing that I see, my home screen. On my home screen, as you can clearly see, I have access to all sorts of relevant areas that I am interested in. I can access my opportunities, accounts, appointments, and so many other areas. If I want to go into my opportunities, I just click the button, and the first thing it does is it loads the opportunities that are assigned to me and that are open.

Of course, if I want, I can drill down into each of these opportunities, but the one cool thing that it really does is it lets me communicate with the primary contact of this opportunity with one single click. For example, in my first opportunity here for Alpine Ski House, if I want to contact Robert, I can just click the phone icon right here on the opportunity, and this will initiate a phone call for me. Similarly, if I want to email Robert, I just click the email icon, and this opens up the email app on my phone so that I can quickly send an email to Robert.

Going back, it also gives me some more information about when these opportunities are closing, what kind of opportunities these are, etc. And of course, all of this can be redesigned for your specific needs.
Now let’s look at appointments. In my Sales Tool Belt app, if I go into appointments, the first thing it does is it loads all of my appointments that I need to take care of. For each appointment, you will see that there are some options available. You’re familiar with the phone icon and the email icon, there for calling someone and emailing someone with one single click.

In addition, you will also see a car icon. Clicking that will give me driving directions from my current location to that appointment. I click it, and it opens my map application, and it also gives me all of my directions. As simple as that.

If I go back to my Sales Tool Belt app, and once I’m done with my appointment and I had to leave some notes, I can just speak my notes into the app, and it’ll take care of the rest. I don’t need to type any of it. Let me show you how. For my notes, I can just click the microphone icon, and just speak into the phone. What I’ll say here is, “The demo went really well.” Once I click the stop button on the microphone, it processes my voice and adds the text to the notes section in this app right here. It’s just that easy. I was able to add notes to my appointment hands-free.

The next thing I’ll show you is perhaps the most requested, the most asked-for, feature by our customers. As a traveling salesperson, think about all the business cards you collect when you’re traveling to prospects’ locations or when you go to a conference or a trade show. You may end up with maybe at least 20 business cards. Who wants to really enter all that information manually in their CRM? For that purpose, we have the ability to scan business cards from this app. All you do is take a photo of the business card, and the app will process all that information and send it into CRM.

Let me show you how. If I go into leads and click the camera icon at the bottom, it enables my phone’s camera. All I do now is take a photo of the business card, and once I do that this image is processed, and all of the information in that business card becomes a lead in Dynamics 365. It’s as easy as that.

There are so many cool features in this app, but we really don’t have time to show you all of it in this video. But you can test drive all these features by yourself by going to Power Apps’ website. Go to the menu. In the menu under partners, go to partner showcase. On this page, scroll down to where it says PowerObjects, and click on it. This will give you the option to test drive this app. Clicking the test drive button will open the Sales Tool Belt app in a new window.

Just feel free to play with it. Click around and see what it’s like to use the Sales Tool Belt app for your organization. And also, keep checking up our platform website. We will be adding a lot of new content there. Thank you for watching.