PowerProperty for Dynamics 365 is PowerObjects’ integrated housing solution. It enables organizations to reduce costs through automated business processes and more efficient operational developments. Packed with benefits for the front, middle, and back office, PowerProperty helps housing associations manage growth on a technology platform designed to easily adapt to housing sector changes.

Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Ian Wilson, one of PowerObjects’ industry solution leads. I’m here today to overview PowerProperty and its capability. PowerProperty is being designed as a service-oriented enterprise solution, leveraging Dynamics 365.

From a front-office point of view, we’re looking at digital automation, advanced self-service channels, the ability for organizations to best leverage their sales, lettings, and customer management.
Middle-office capability is leveraging workforce automation, advanced scheduling, inventory demand, allowing organizations to best service their responses and planned repairs.

Back-office capability is really now about advanced data management, having advanced contract management, advanced asset management, and then leveraging the whole rents and service charges lifecycle and enhancing the finance and procurement offering of Dynamic 365.

Our clients go through digital transformation, allowing their customers to have a reliable and consistent experience. It allows these organizations to re-diversify their staff, to look at things like their asset management, where the property performance is, and understanding what their advanced financial position is on their properties.

To learn more about PowerProperty, feel free to reach us at PowerObjects for a free demo and further information. Thank you for watching Dynamics 365 In Focus.