See why Dynamics 365 is the ideal enterprise resource planning software. Watch this video to learn how Dynamics 365 takes businesses to new heights.

Video Transcript

Are you having trouble integrating your business processes efficiently?

Are you frantically trying to keep up with your rapid growth?

Or maybe you’re struggling to juggle all your business needs across multiple platforms?

Dynamics 365 (three sixty-five) can handle all your business enterprise resource planning needs in ways no other platform can, and PowerObjects can help you leverage the ERP (E-R-P) workloads within Dynamics 365 to complete your end-to-end journey!

Microsoft has an unmatched focus on integrated and common user experiences.  From initial contact with a potential customer, through invoice and application of payment, to service at any point along the process: Dynamics 365 is the standard.

It provides flexibility, allowing companies to choose which functions and modules are required, while utilizing a Common Data Model to bring those parts together.  Additionally, you can take advantage of the powerful ability to combine the business process data from Dynamics 365 with PowerBI (Power B-I), PowerApps, Flow, and Office 365 (Three Sixty-Five) which opens a new world of creativity and possibility for business processes.  Combine all this in the Azure (Azhure) Cloud to create a cost/benefit argument that is hard to resist.

Imagine a world in which everything you need to do your job is hosted on one platform.  Welcome to Dynamics 365’s workspaces!

Workspaces are designed to increase productivity by providing information that answers the targeted user’s most pressing questions, and allows the user to initiate their more frequent tasks from a single screen. Workspaces are incredibly customizable, yet secure with the ability to show tiles, transactional data, visuals, KPI’s (K-P-I’s), and the ability to quickly link to reports or other pages.

As employees perform their tasks in a workspace, that data needs to be accessible and secure. Microsoft’s Cloud first approach means you get “always on” infrastructure, disaster recovery, and high availability service – all scalable without additional staffing and hardware investments. Not ready for the Cloud? On Premise and Hybrid deployment options continue to be available.

If the ease, reliability, and options for deployment weren’t enough, extensions have made life a breeze!

Extensions are additive in nature and allow you to add functionality on top of the native functionality, making upgrades much easier and more cost efficient. The advent of Dynamics365 for Finance and Operations also brings a new development environment, Visual Studio, as well as a completely rewritten debugger, resulting in a more efficient development environment and faster code execution.

Take your business to new heights by leveraging the ERP functionality in Dynamics 365, coupled with the unseen power of the Microsoft Cloud.  Explore Dynamics 365 with PowerObjects. Contact us today!