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Hi. My name is Tad. I’m one of the trainers here at PowerObjects. Today I want to talk to you about a course offering through our Dynamics 365 University. It is Dynamics 365 for Field Service. If you’re not familiar with it, at a high level the Field Service workload within Dynamics 365 is used by organizations to have better visibility and control of their resources, such as technicians, or equipment that they use for service calls.

I want to take you through the top reasons why your organization would benefit by taking this Field Service course. We’ll walk you through the Field Service scheduling calendar. This is my favorite feature. You’ll learn how to optimize this so you can dispatch agents more efficiently, through the map view, seeing their travel time, drag and drop work orders onto the calendar, and many more features that your organization can customize for your requirements.

Next, we’ll teach you how to make it mobile, so that technicians can actually take it into the field, providing a customer-first mentality. You’ll be able to see their schedule. They’ll be able to see their past and open cases, and you’ll be able to provide the customer with accurate information of arrival time, and even provide a photo of the driver for added safety.

Another cool feature we’ll go through is predictive maintenance. Look, calling a mechanic is so 2009. We’re gonna bring your company into this decade by knowing exactly what maintenance is needed, and when, to prevent unplanned downtime. Finally, Field Service can be very complex. We’ll help you wrap your head around the 140 plus entities and see how they fit into Dynamics 365. You’ll walk away from the class knowing how to leverage the Field Service work load to meet the requirements of your business processes.

For more information about this course, register for our live POTV webcast for a preview of the content, and then check out our events page to see when the next course is available. Thanks for watching this Dynamics 365 In Focus.