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Want to engage your clientele through SMS messages in a fun and interactive manner? With PowerTrivia, users can leverage their PowerSurveyPlus, PowerSMS, and PowerWebForm subscriptions to create and track trivia games within CRM! Game scheduling allows users to set game play hours, which is great for events such as conferences, expos, or contest windows. PowerTrivia is a fun and interactive way for you to interact and engage with your customers!

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Kristyna and today I’m going to talk to you about our latest solution, PowerTrivia. This is free to subscribers of PowerWebForm, PowerSurveyPlus and PowerSMS. This solution allows you to automate the other three PowerPacks into a fun and interactive trivia game for your clients.

Your trivia game will begin by having a player text in to your number or short code. If a matching record for their information is found within your CRM, the game will begin. If they’re not in your CRM, they’ll be text back with a link to a web form where you can gather their information, like first name, last name, mobile phone number or email.

During trivia gameplay, your players are going to receive a text message for every trivia question, so in PowerSurveyPlus, you will need to create a separate survey for each question you want your players to receive.

Now that you’ve created a web form to capture new player information, and you’ve created your surveys that will act as your trivia questions, your job is done. PowerTrivia automates, sending your trivia questions via PowerSMS. It will also randomize the trivia questions so that your players aren’t taking the same questions at the same time.

It allows users to text keys back in such as “score” to see their overall score, or “place” to see if they sit in the top 10. It will also allow you to set a schedule so you can determine the time between correct questions and you can even shorten that time for incorrect questions to allow players to catch up.

Now that you’ve gotten a sneak peak of PowerTrivia, go ahead and test it out yourself today. Make sure that you have PowerWebForm, PowerSurveyPlus, and PowerSMS already installed before importing PowerTrivia. Thanks for watching The CRM Minute, and join us again, same CRM time, same CRM channel!