The customer care industry is changing. Elements like consumer behaviors and the evolution of technology are influencing those changes. Organizations focused on customer care need to evolve with their customers. Consider things like consumer channel preferences, consolidating consumer data, and utilizing a CRM system when looking at how your organization can bridge the gap between you and your customers.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Greg. Today we’re going to be discussing how consumer behavior and technology evolution is really driving this customer care transformation that we are seeing in the industry. When you look at certain segments like millennials. In fact, I was trying to talk to my daughter the other day, left her a voicemail, I get a text immediately back, “Dad what do you want?” I respond, “I want to talk to you.” What we are finding is the consumer behaviors really driving a lot of this transformation going on in the industry today. Especially when you look at alternative channels like mobility, Facebook, social, SMS text messaging, and that’s their preference in the way that they want to interact with us. If we do not support the segments to the way that they want to communicate with our business, they will defect, they’ll go somewhere else. There is more information at their fingertips to make informed decisions.

Another driver that we are seeing in this transformation with customer care right now is the evolution of technology. It’s finally to a point to where technology doesn’t get in the way. Technology is moving so fast with the counter dependencies that we have in customer care that we can now bridge those together to provide that unified agent desktop.

What we find is when we go out and we meet with our customers and we meet with our prospects is it they have islands of data. Customer data is strung throughout the organization in siloed business apps, siloed channel applications, in other systems as records as well. What global case management can do for your firm is bridge those islands of data so that CRM provides that front end and provides the right information at the right time for your constituent base to provide that superior level of service and increase CSAT scores and help upsell and cross sell within your customer service organization.

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