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With Change Management from PowerObjects, you'll be setting the foundation for a solid Dynamics 365 deployment. Our team of certified Change Management trainers work with you to define best practices, communication,, and training needed to help you make a plan for Change Management as well as assess your organization's readiness. Our goal is for you to build your Change Management capability.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Gretchen and I’m here to talk to you about how change management can make your Dynamics 365 deployments more successful. Let’s be honest. Not everyone gets excited about the term change management, but everyone gets excited about what it’s going to take to make our deployment successful. Change management is one of those key success factors. Everyone has experienced implementations that have gone poorly. People are upset when you rule out new processes or new technology. There’s confusion. People are not adapting. People need to be retrained or even a relaunch. Let’s talk about how not to have that happen in our next deployment and how we’re going to do better with change management.

One of the most common mistakes that organizations make is they focus on building the system and deploying the new process. That’s actually only one lens. The other lens that we need to focus on is the business and how they’re going to receive that new process and that new technology. Change management is that other lens. It’s the people side of change. Just because we said people, it doesn’t mean that change management is a touchy feely, intuitive process. It’s actually a scientific proven method for getting your deployment to be smooth, accelerating your adoption and usage and also driving those business results more quickly. How does PowerObjects help? We have a team of people who are not only certified in Dynamics 365 but also certified change practitioners and certified trainers.

Our team can do a workshop with you that lays out all of the best practices in change management, communication and training and help you make a plan. We can also assess your organizations readiness to do change management. Our goal is for you to build your change management capability. In addition, if there’s a gap in your ability to execute your plan, our team can come along and assist with our instructional design and multimedia experts. For more information, check out our change management page on our website and also make sure to talk to your PowerObjects representative about how to incorporate change management strategy into your deployment. Thanks for watching The CRM Minute!