Microsoft did a great job of listening to their customers when developing Office 365. Office 365 delivers the power of cloud productivity to businesses of all sizes, helping you save time and money and free up valuable resources. Learn more about how an Office 365 online subscription can benefit your organization and let us help break down the “mystery of the cloud” by answering your burning Office 365 questions.

Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Cecilie, and today we’re going to talk about Office 365, and everything you keep hearing about “The cloud.”

We’ll start with Office 365. Office 365 sits in “The Cloud, and it holds your Microsoft Online subscriptions. What’s that? Well, that includes things like your Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Word, Excel, your email, and most importantly Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Essentially that means that you can access your Microsoft Online services from anywhere.  Imagine this, you’re in a meeting at work, typing up notes on your laptop, realize you have to run; close your laptop, get in a cab, and then you’re typing in the same file, but on your cellphone. That’s the power of the cloud, get access from anywhere.

Your CRM online also sits in that same Office 365 platform, which essentially means that you can log into one place, and you get access to everything you need to do your job without having to jump around and log into different things.

Within CRM online, then, you can also integrate with your other Microsoft online subscriptions. For example, you can take Yammer, plug it into CRM, and collaborate with your colleagues on various different accounts, opportunities, whatever it is. You can also integrate CRM with Excel and Word, using CRM information with your Word and Excel templates, and once again it’s all in one place. How awesome is that?

I get so excited about Office 365 and the cloud because it saves all-sized businesses time, energy, and most of all it reduces costs. You have, again, everything you need to do your job, in one place.

If you already have Office 365, try a new Microsoft Online subscription; there’s plenty to choose from, and they all have awesome functionality. If you don’t have Office 365 yet, you can try any of the services for free for 30 days. Why not? Give it a try. Thanks for joining me today on The CRM Minute. See you later.