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Cenergistic has been dedicated to helping organizations reduce consumption of electricity, natural gas, fuel, oil, and water for over three decades. Their use of technology has been paramount to the success of their business, and the success of their clients. See how Microsoft Dynamics CRM and a partnership with PowerObjects has helped Cenergistic manage their vast amounts of data, streamlined their business processes, and enabled them to create a mobile application that gives their employees in the field the power to enter and manage data in real-time.

Video Transcript

Randy: Cenergistic implements energy conservation programs nationally. Our clients are mostly educational: K-12 school districts, universities, colleges. Technology is critical for Cenergistic. Most of our staff are located across the country working at our client locations, and they have to have access to the lightest and greatest technology, the latest and greatest data. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the backbone of our information technology strategy here at Cenergistic.

Greg: The CRM system that we were using was the only major tool in the Cenergistic information system suite that was outside the Microsoft stack. What CRM gave us was really that scalable platform that we knew we could build an expanding business on top of. Our energy specialists are in the buildings that they manage 80% of the time. We need to give them a very mobile solution where they can get all of their work done on a single device. The extensibility of Dynamics CRM made it very easy for us to build and deploy a mobile-based solution, which we call the Cenergistic Command Center. It is a Windows Application that we give to our energy specialists on Surface Pro 3 Tablets.

Monica: As an energy specialist for Cenergistic I work directly with the client. My job requires me to be in the building so I can see how energy is being used and I can’t do that behind a desk.

Allison: We get information live as it is recorded out in the field. That information comes directly into our Dynamic CRM Database.

Monica: Before the Command Center I recorded all of my findings on my laptop, on paper, in my phone. Now with Command Center I’m able to record all of that information in one place and it’s visible to everyone in the company.

Randy: I use Microsoft Dynamics CRM every single day. For me as CEO of Cenergistic, it’s a one-stop shop where I can go and I have dashboards on the sales and marketing side, I have dashboards on the operations and implementation side.

Allison: Having tons of data is worthless if you don’t know how to access it and report on it.

Greg: Cenergistic has developed a very refined set of processes. When we were replacing our CRM system, we needed a partner that could come in and understand those processes and help us map them into our new CRM system.

Allison: I do feel like PowerObjects is a leader in the Dynamics CRM community. They are people that really know their stuff. You’re talking to an expert.

Greg: Not only does the PowerObjects team know the Dynamics CRM platform and how to use it and how to extend it, but they were also very, very good at getting in and understanding the Cenergistic business. They understand us, they engage with us, they’re very good people to work with.