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In this Solutions Spotlight video, learn about the solution PowerObjects delivered for Blue KC's large group sales team to make sure that everybody in the sales process was on the same page and on the same platform.

Video Transcript

Rich: Hi, I’m Rich Nasser and I’m a Capabilities Director for PowerObjects. Today, I’d like to talk to you about Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City, Blue KC, a leading healthcare provider in the Kansas City area for over 75 years.

Ellen: Hi, my name is Ellen Lawrence and I am the Program Manager for the Blue KC project here at PowerObjects.

Rich: The solution we delivered for Blue KC’s large group sales team was to make sure that everybody in the sales process was on the same page and on the same platform. In order for the large group sales team to be successful, it takes a lot of coordination and effort from many people from different departments across the enterprise.

These teams include the sales executives, underwriting, the RFP team, group implementation leads, and group and member services. The sales executives at Blue KC benefit from three things primarily. Better visibility across the whole sales process, simplified process, and better reporting and analytics.

Ellen: The solution we delivered for the RFP team provided better automation, which saved them so much time and effort. Before we delivered this solution, the RFP team had to rely on back and forth email communication with the sales execs to make sure they were getting all the information that they needed.

Rich: The underwriting team and the sales executive teams worked lock step to make sure that they have the most competitive offer to the client. Our solution delivered that, making sure that everybody was on the same page.

Ellen: One thing that I thought was really great that our solution provided for the underwriting team, is that they now have the ability to quote multiple plan options on one opportunity.

Rich: The group implementation leads UCRM after the sale to make sure that everything in the backend system is taken care of and their customer finally has health insurance.

Ellen: This is a huge improvement because it brings them onto the same system as everybody else.

Rich: The group and member services are the last step in the process. They ensure that everybody is loaded up into the back system so that the customer have their health insurance. Sales executives and the [GIL 00:01:49] team need to know that this happens and for that, they’ve used CRM.

Ellen: Our solution automatically generated email notifications so that these two teams would know when it’s time to start their next task. At the end of the day, this solution brought all teams onto one platform and is helping Blue KC to win more deals.

Rich: Thanks for watching our Solution Spotlight.

Ellen: For more information on the work that we have done with Blue KC, check out their testimonial video.

Rich: If you’re in the healthcare industry, be sure to check out our healthcare page where you can see how Dynamics 365 can help you.