Join Us in Orlando for D365UG/CRMUG/AXUG Summit 2019

October 15 – October 18

This year’s D365UG/CRMUG/AXUG Summit will be held in Orlando, Florida, at the Gaylord Palms Resort on October 15th-18th. Summit UG North America is the largest annual gathering of Dynamics 365 users. It is designed, led, and attended by Dynamics 365 users, partners, and other experts from around the globe.

Dynamics 365 end-users will find value at Summit UG through electrifying general sessions, essential peer-to-peer knowledge exchanges, product insight forums, and authentic networking opportunities. PowerObjects is a Premier sponsor at this year’s event, so be sure to stop by and see us at booth #607.

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Sessions Featuring Experts from PowerObjects

OCT 14

Using Azure Containers in D365

In larger implementations there’s always going to be integrations and applications that need to live outside Dynamics 365 CE. Virtual machines and Azure Functions or Logics Apps are popular choices but are quite different when comparing functionality and cost. Using containers (think software and environment all packaged together) can offer nearly the same functionality, be easier to maintain, and be more security all while costing less. This session will demonstrate setting up and using the Azure Kubernetes Service working along side Dynamics 365 CE in different capacities.

04:45 – 06:00 PM

Jason Lattimer

Speaker: Jason Lattimer

OCT 15

Implementing Dynamics 365 CE/CRM for Customer Service

Dynamics 365 for Service workload provides a robust feature set for Customer Service leveraging Case and Knowledge Management, Entitlements and Service Level Agreements, plus the full power of CRM configuration such as workflows, business process flows, and business rules.

This course will be a comprehensive experience into all the capabilities and how to design a solution to meet the requirements for customer care within your organization.

First, you’ll learn the case management features of CRM for the customer service professional including tracking of cases and activities in CRM.

Then we will continue with a deep dive into configuration and use of customer service functionality including case hierarchies, relationships, queues, subjects, and complementing with Business Process Flows.

You will learn how to configure auto-case creation from email or social activities and complement with routing rules and other ideas and methods for automating service processes.

You take away the benefits of Entitlements and SLA’s and how to leverage queues for efficient management of cases, activities, and even other entities.

We will also get hands on with creating your own app modules to streamline the navigation, Customer Service Hub, Knowledge Management, and building functional interactive dashboards for agents and managers.

08:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Tad Thompson

Speaker: Tad Thompson

OCT 16

Learn How To Start Using Automated Testing & Analytics

The Power Platform is constantly evolving and being updated almost daily while the demands your business places on its applications are only growing. It’s time to work smarter, not harder when trying to make everything run smoothly. Traditionally automated unit, integration, and EasyRepro/UI testing run throughout the software development life cycle to pinpoint existing problems. If you want to get ahead of potential issues then adding telemetry throughout your organization will yield the data you need to spot trends and be more proactive. This session will show creative ways to make testing and analytics a routine part of your business.

Sarasota 1-2

12:45 – 01:45 PM

Jason Lattimer

Speaker: Jason Lattimer

Ask the Experts: All Things Azure!

Interested in using or just getting started with Azure and have some questions? Bring them to the experts! Join a panel of industry exports who have been there and done that and get your questions answered. Not sure what to ask? We are and we will be prepared to discuss the most common questions we get asked.

Naples 1

12:45 – 01:45 PM

Scott Morley

Speaker: Rick Schoenecker

Upgrade Checklist

Considering an upgrade? Wading through the documentation? In this session we will sort through the requirements, discuss the best practices, pitfalls, gotchas, planning tips, and much more necessary to successfully upgrade your Dynamics 365/CRM to the cloud or remain On-Premises. You will come away with a comprehensive checklist of server requirements, security configuration and guidelines, client deployment strategy, change management ideas and training plan. We will also review migration versus in-place upgrade, email processing, and handling customizations and processes.

Sarasota 3

02:00 – 03:00 PM

Tad Thompson

Speaker: Tad Thompson

Diving into DevOps in D365

Are you interested in saving money, increasing productivity all while cleaning up your organization’s development lifecycle? Get ahead on your spring cleaning by attending this deep-dive session on using Azure DevOps with Dynamics 365. What is DevOps you ask? DevOps is a methodology that combines software development with information technology operations, go figure! DevOps’ goal is to shorten the development lifecycle while executing features, fixes, and updates frequently all while keeping your business objectives in mind! Topics presented include: best practices, creating and debugging pipelines, integrating testing, AND how-tos on moving 365/CRM solutions and data. All the cool kids are already doing it but if that’s not enough, as a party favor, all code/scripts used in the demo will be made available to attendees!

Sarasota 3

04:30 – 05:30 PM

Jason Lattimer

Speaker: Jason Lattimer

OCT 17

DAX 101 for Dynamics 365

Microsoft Power BI provides a robust suite of capabilities of data analysis, visualization, and self-service. You’ve connected to your Dynamics data started creating useful visuals for presenting your data but want to up your analytics game. Introducing DAX (data analysis expressions). In this demo-heavy session we will get you started with utilizing DAX to create fast, useful, and insightful formulas and calculations. Review comparisons of measures and calculated columns. Not only common expressions you’ll use in every report, but also tips specific to Dynamics data. We’ll also cover time intelligence, quick measures and calculated tables.

Tampa 1

08:00 – 09:00 AM

Tad Thompson

Speaker: Tad Thompson