Everything You Need to Know about ERP Service by PowerObjects

It’s an exciting time for those working in the Microsoft Dynamics channel. As Microsoft has painted a vision for Dynamics 365, PowerObjects is growing to meet the demand for end-to- end Dynamics 365 services. That means we’ll still be your go-to partner for the CRM workloads of sales, marketing, and customer service—but now we also provide service, support, and education for the ERP/operations piece of the puzzle (formerly known as Dynamics AX).


Why ERP? Watch Jim explain how we are growing to be the number one partner for Dynamics 365 across the entire application.

Meet our ERP Practice Director, Carri Lesatz

We are thrilled to welcome Carri Lesatz as our ERP practice director, who will be overseeing the growth and direction of our ERP/operations team. We had Carri sit down with us to answer some common questions about how PowerObjects is integrating ERP into its service offerings.

Can you tell us a bit about your new role at PowerObjects?

I am super excited to help build the PowerObjects ERP practice in the US into a flourishing Microsoft Dynamics 365 practice, while leveraging the HCL Technologies resources in India and the UK. The relationships I have built in this industry will help us acquire the talent and experience that we need to do so. We have a pipeline that I’m excited to open the flood gates on. I will ensure that we quickly build a reputation in delivering successful Dynamics 365 implementations and ensure that PowerObjects grows from being the leader in the CRM space to the leader in the Dynamics 365 space.

Describe your experience in the AX/ERP channel.

My experience with Dynamics AX started 10 years ago when the company I worked for at the time implemented Dynamics AX 4.0. In the following years, I cultivated a passion to help others implement and leverage the AX technology, so I moved into leading AX practices and working on solution delivery, working with a couple of Microsoft partners.

What types of services does PowerObjects offer with Dynamics 365 for Operations?

  • New implementations.

    Looking to start a completely new ERP/operations implementation within your organization? We can help define your requirements, design a system, and delivery a solution.

  • Upgrades.

    If you are currently on Dynamics AX 2009-2012, we can help you navigate a path to upgrade to the Dynamics 365 platform.

  • Assessments.

    Wondering what it would take for you to upgrade your current Dynamics AX implementation? We can perform a system assessment that will help you determine the best course of action.

  • Rescues.

    Perhaps you’ve already implemented a Dynamics AX or a Dynamics 365 solution but haven’t had the success you wanted—we can help turn your project around and get back on track for a good return on your investment.

  • ERP for Retail/CPG.

    Rely on our retail industry experts at PowerObjects to help you implement a Dynamics 365 solution for your operations that is tuned to your unique needs.

  • Migrations.

    If you’re currently on a different ERP system, we can help you migrate your data over to Dynamics 365 and get you up and running.

  • ERP for Manufacturing.

    PowerObjects has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry. Leverage our knowledge to build an ERP system for your organization.

  • Managed services (aka PowerSuccess).

    PowerSuccess is a unique service-as- a-subscription program that allows you to implement or refine your Dynamics 365 solution for a predictable monthly fee.

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