CRM Portals

CRM portals are an aggregation point for content, functions, and features using web-based technology and dynamic channels. In simpler terms, it’s a central place for making all types of information accessible, allowing organizations to extend business processes to the internet, expand their reach, and reduce costs across sales, service and marketing.

PowerObjects works with customers to plan, develop, and deliver a portal that makes sense for their business—whether it’s a standard plug-and-play or custom CRM portal solution.

Benefits of Using CRM Portals for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Implementing a portal can help you give the right people access to the right data—without giving them full access to your CRM system. With a portal, you can:

  • Increase revenue opportunities
  • Increase productivity by providing timely access to information
  • Extend your CRM system outside your organization and enable input from external parties
  • Allow users to access information themselves when they need it
  • Improve customer and/or partner communication and satisfaction
  • Build stronger business relationships

The functionality of portals can vary greatly. PowerObjects has helped customers build portals highly tailored to their needs, from order portals to self-service portals and many other custom portal types.

Custom CRM Portals by PowerObjects

Increasingly, organizations are looking for custom-built portal solutions to provide more options to their customers and business partners. PowerObjects can work with you to determine requirements and build a solution to your technical specifications.

Adxstudio, from Microsoft

PowerObjects is a proud partner of Adxstudio, from Microsoft, which offers additional portal solutions to those who don’t require complete custom solutions. Adxstudio’s toolset provides the ability to deliver portals without the need for technical development, with a wealth of pre-configured and configurable portal applications.