The power to create, send, and see if documents have been received by your clients from within CRM for Dynamics 365.

What is PowerShare (Deprecated)?

If you’ve sent a client a document and wondered whether they received your email or ever opened the document you asked them to read, then you will love PowerShare. This Dynamics 365 document sharing add-on gives you the power to create a bundle of documents in CRM, send those documents to a client, and see whether they received the email and viewed the documents in your bundle. The best part? Everything is done from within CRM for Dynamics 365!

  • Easily create your document bundles with the PowerShare wizard
  • Add notes to each document or the document bundle as a whole
  • Unique bundle URL gives you control over who has access to each document bundle
  • Set an expiration date on each document bundle, giving clients a limited time to access the documents
  • Be one step ahead of clients by tracking:
    • If the email with the document bundle was received and opened
    • How many times the document bundle was opened
    • If any of the documents within the bundle were opened and how many times



Price is per user, per month. All enabled users are automatically counted – this includes read-only users, admin-only users, and service accounts.

30-day free trials available for all PowerPacks!

Solution Requirements:

Any Online or on-premise implementation of:
•CRM 2015
•CRM 2016
•Dynamics 365



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