Quickly duplicate records in Dynamics 365 and control which field values are copied into the new record.

What is PowerCopy?

With PowerCopy, you can duplicate a record or entity within Dynamics 365 with a single click. And the real benefit of this productivity add-on is it allows you to define customized copy configurations to ensure that only the fields whose values you want duplicated are populated in the new record. The other fields will remain blank. Here’s an example:

Consider the IT support professional who must create systems access requests for every new hire. In the Access Request Record, there are 28 fields – 26 of which are identical for all new hires. Only Name and ID Number are unique. Now, let’s say a group of 15 trainees are onboarded at once. With PowerCopy in place, IT just needs to:

1. Complete a single Access Request Record, valuing all 28 fields.
2. Set the copy configuration to duplicate the values of 26 fields, omitting only Name and ID Number.
3. Copy the record 14 times (or perform a Dynamics 365 Bulk Copy).
4. Go into all 14 new records and add the appropriate values to the Name and ID Number fields. The other 26 fields are already valued in each record.
5. Enjoy the fact that 364 fields (14 records x 26 fields) did not require manual input!

Imagine the time savings in your own organization – and get started with PowerCopy now to immediately increase your productivity.



Price is per user, per month. All enabled users are automatically counted – this includes read-only users, admin-only users, and service accounts.



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