CRM Education for Microsoft Dynamics 365

CRM Developer Environment Training

CRM Developer Environment for Dynamics 365

Duration: 2 Days
CRM Developer Environment for Dynamics 365 training provides a detailed understanding of the tools needed to be an effective developer in Microsoft Dynamics 365.  This course is a must for anyone performing development work on behalf of their organization. Focused on Microsoft Visual Studio and the Dynamics 365 Software Development Kit (SDK), an attendee will learn best practices necessary to build, validate, and secure your organization’s development environment. Utilities and third party productivity tools will be reviewed and reinforced with hands on labs that help attendees establish a solid foundation needed to extend Microsoft Dynamics 365.

CRM Developer Environment training is intended for administrators, configurators, and developers who have completed the Citizen Developer training and desire to continue their technical education with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This course assumes working knowledge of skills outlined in the Citizen Developer as well introductory level understanding of application development and the skills associated. This course is designed to provide a deeper understanding of how to interact with Dynamics 365 as a developer and the tools that are used to extend Dynamics 365.

Recommended Prerequisites:
Prerequisites are recommendations, and while not required, they are highly advised to ensure a successful learning experience:

  • Visual Studio License or Free Trial – Visual Studio Community will work; some labs are impacted by not being able connect to TFS (Required)
  • Completion of Dynamics 365 University’s CRM Boot Camp or equivalent application experience
  • Completion of Dynamics 365 University’s CRM Citizen Developer Course
  • Technical Understanding of Dynamics 365
  • Development Skills
Topics Covered

Understand How Visual Studio is Leveraged with Dynamics 365

Navigation and Use of Visual Studio

Infrastructure and Authentication

Setup of Visual Studio to Work with Dynamics 365

Source Control, Including Branching and Merging

Contents and Use of Software Development Kit (SDK)

Utilities and Tools

Application Lifecycle Management

Patch Management