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Travel and Hospitality in the Age of the Customer

Explore eight core customer engagement strategies with insights from Expedia’s VP of eCommerce and CitizenM Hotels’ CCO.
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Travel brands that invest in creating innovative customer experiences will gain the upper-hand by showing a genuine understanding and interest of customers’ needs, wants and desires. World-class customer experiences will be the defining trait of travel companies that thrive in coming years.

The underlying trend is to make sure that any evolution in the customer journey is a positive one. But to create distinctive customer experiences, travel companies need to push the boundaries and adopt next-generation digital thinking, practices and technical solutions.

In this eBook, we explore eight core areas for all stakeholders looking to improve customer engagement in 2017, including interviews with Scott Crawford, VP ecommerce, Expedia and Lennart De Jong, CCO, CitizenM Hotels.

The on-going evolution in customer expectations demands a more personalized and intelligent approach to customer experience. The real challenge for travel executives is to better understand the customer and then to execute the organisztional and technical transformation needed to bring the customer experience vision to life and achieve revenue targets.