Owl Rock Capital Partners

Owl Rock Capital Partners

Owl Rock needed a CRM solution that could deliver on two objectives. First, it needed to help them prioritize, target, and manage thousands of contacts. Second, it had to streamline and expand reporting - in real time. In Dynamics 365 and PowerObjects, they found a solution and a partner capable of delivering.


Owl Rock faced three key challenges:
1) Merging thousands of Financial Advisor records into a CRM platform solution.
2) Streamlining and building robust real-time reporting.
3) Seamlessly integrating 60,000+ contacts into one system.


Dynamics 365 was selected because of how intuitive the system is, as well as for its power and potential. Once PowerObjects was chosen as the implementation partner, they focused on a solution that combined Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement with Power BI, support from PowerSuccess, and enhancements in the way of PowerPack add-ons.

Key Benefits

+ PowerPack add-ons - PowerScore, PowerMailChimp, and PowerEmail - empower a team of 20 reps to manage more than 60,000 Financial Advisors
+ Through PowerSuccess, Owl Rock now has a dedicated system engineer who is like an extension of their own team
+ Power BI enables effective real-time decision making

The top reason I would recommend PowerObjects to another financial services firm is the fact that the company and its engineers really understand the unique needs of a financial organization like ours. The engineers at PowerObjects are truly empowered to come up with their own solutions. I haven’t seen that anywhere else.

- AMY TRAN-BALBIN, Vice President, Owl Rock