How to Fix a CRM Workflow Stuck in “In Progress” State
March 28, 2013

As you learn about Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics CRM , you may encounter an issue where you find a workflow stuck in “In Progress”. You can see an example of

Sending Emails via On-demand Workflows in Dynamics CRM
March 18, 2013

It’s important to set up “just enough” notification to users in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Too much automatic notification can create an environment where no messages are taken seriously. We’ve talked

Use SharePoint Workflows to create CRM 2011 / SharePoint Sub-Folders
March 5, 2013

Today we’ll describe a time-saving trick that automatically creates SharePoint sub-folders to be used in the integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When configured to do so, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Using a Custom Entity to Track Status Changes in CRM 2011
February 28, 2013

Dear JoeCRM, I want to track the different phases/statuses of an opportunity, and I also need to be able to report on those changes. The auditing feature is very useful

Creating Daily Goals in Dynamics CRM 2011
February 1, 2013

Goals are one of the exciting features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. They can be created for a wide variety of purposes: from tracking progress on how many phone calls

How to Calculate the Weighted Value of an Opportunity in CRM via Workflow
January 10, 2013

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 or 4.0, you can Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide the values of 2 fields using a Workflow. Often times this is done using JavaScript but

Switching from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Process Automation
December 13, 2012

PowerObjects recently released a free eBook on making the switch from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Keep in mind, this eBook isn’t a sales document with a feature comparison—instead, it’s

Create Recursive or Scheduled Workflows in CRM
November 9, 2012

Workflows are a valuable tool within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. So what if you want to schedule workflows at a certain time, or execute a workflow every night, week, or month?

Multiple Waiting Workflows when Wait Conditions and Timeouts Are Triggered on Field Change
November 6, 2012

Hopefully you’ve read our blog about Time and Condition Based Workflows in CRM 2011. Now, have you ever set up a workflow that was triggered from a field change and

Workflows: Comparing Values Via a Dynamics CRM Check Condition
November 1, 2012

Workflows are a great way to help automate your sales process. You can assign records, create records, update records, email notifications and much more! One of the great things about

Create a Workflow in CRM to Alert a Record’s Owner When an Activity/Note Is Added
October 23, 2012

If you would like to create a workflow in CRM 2011 that alerts the owner of an Account when an activity or note created by another user is added to

Time and Condition Based Workflows in CRM 2011
October 12, 2012

Workflows and dialogues in Dynamics CRM are great technologies that support and automate business processes. In this post, we’ll focus on how to create time and condition-based workflows in CRM