How to Create Microsoft Word Templates in Microsoft Dynamics 365
August 30, 2017

Using Microsoft Word templates in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be a huge time-saver when you want to provide a professional document for an entity, especially if you need to make the document more than once for more than one records. Let’s get to it!

Dynamics CRM 2016: How to Easily Generate Excel Templates
May 20, 2016

The ability to quickly generate Excel spreadsheets is an exciting new feature included with Dynamics CRM 2016. The feature allows you to create Excel templates tailored to display dynamic data

Freebie Friday: Two Free Templates for Using Visio to Create CRM UI Mockups
January 29, 2016

Remember the old adage “A picture speaks 1000 words”? When gathering CRM requirements, that is often more accurate than one may realize. Creating visuals to aid in requirement sessions is

PowerMailChimp Enhanced with a Template Editor in CRM
January 29, 2014

As many have already discovered, PowerMailChimp is an awesome bulk emailing solution created by PowerObjects that integrates Microsoft Dynamics CRM and MailChimp.The PowerObjects R&D team is always striving to enhance

How to Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workflow Templates
December 27, 2013

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can reuse the same workflow steps in multiple workflows without recreating them. This is done by creating a workflow template and then using the template

Create an Email Template in CRM 2011 – It’s Quick and Easy
August 2, 2011

Do you find yourself drafting the same email over and over again as you work to gather client data needed for your business processes? Do you go searching for a