Using Virtual Entities with Dynamics 365
May 3, 2018

Virtual entities allow Microsoft Dynamics 365 users to utilize record information from external data sources and view the information in fields, search results, and even Fetch XML-based reports within Dynamic 365.

Sending SMS Messages with PowerSMS Using Dynamics 365’s SDK
Sending SMS Messages with PowerSMS Using Dynamics 365’s SDK
November 10, 2016

If you have a need to use PowerSMS using Microsoft Dynamics 365’s SDK (such as a console app), this can be easily achieved. There are only a couple things to

Dynamics 365 OAuth Endpoint
Dynamics 365 OAuth Endpoint Deprecation – Error Message
November 8, 2016

After the release of update 1 to Dynamics 365 (Dynamics CRM Online 2016), you may see an error when attempting to access the OAuth endpoint. Today’s blog will help you learn

Identify What CRM Message Will Execute by Using Fiddler2
March 31, 2016

When you need to look for CRM messages that cause a quick search on the web or the SDK help file, the SDK help file will provide the most information.

SDK Message with Id {} Does Not Exist and an Alternative Fix
May 15, 2015

SDK message errors got you down? We’ve got an alternative fix to take the stress away and those errors too! Let’s dive in! As you can imagine, getting this error

PowerUp—The CRM Event! A Closer Look at the Pre-Conference Training Day
August 29, 2014

PowerUp—The CRM Event, is less than a month away! The conference has two full-days of Dynamics CRM educational content tailored to everyone from beginning users to advanced administrators. If you’re