Evolution of Processes, Workflows, and Dialogs
Throwback Thursdays – The Evolution of Processes, Workflows, and Dialogs
December 1, 2016

As Microsoft has continued to develop and enhance CRM for Dynamics 365, a few of the areas that they have continuously improved through the years are processes, workflows, and dialogs. In today’s

Upgrading CRM: How to Move from a Data-driven CRM to a Process-driven CRM
October 28, 2015

Welcome back for the final installment in our Upgrading CRM blog series! Today we are going to wrap things up with taking a look at how you can move from

Two Tips for Business Process Flows
September 2, 2015

Business Process Flows in Dynamics CRM are great tools to help your organization operate smoothly and effectively and can be an integral and important part of a CRM implementation. Depending

SDK Message with Id {} Does Not Exist and an Alternative Fix
May 15, 2015

SDK message errors got you down? We’ve got an alternative fix to take the stress away and those errors too! Let’s dive in! As you can imagine, getting this error

Where Did My Dynamics CRM 2013 Workflow Go?
April 24, 2014

Have you noticed that the record of what workflows have run against a record seems to have disappeared in CRM 2013? There’s a good reason for that—they have! It’s easy

CRM 2011 Dialogs: Preventing Users from Going Back With Child Dialogs
March 25, 2014

If you are building a dialog for CRM 2011 and need to have it trigger an email or create a record or do some other action (like case resolution), you

How to Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workflow Templates
December 27, 2013

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can reuse the same workflow steps in multiple workflows without recreating them. This is done by creating a workflow template and then using the template

Retrieving Data from a Related Entity with Real-Time Workflows in CRM 2013
November 25, 2013

Historically in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, when you create a new record within the context of a parent record, the mapping controls what data is populated from the parent. For example,

Background Process Navigation for Accounts and Contacts in CRM 2013
November 11, 2013

When viewing account or contact records, you may sometimes find it useful to view background processes such as workflows. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, it’s easy to  view workflow history

Are You Missing Completed Workflows in CRM 2011?
September 10, 2013

Workflows are a powerful tool that CRM users utilize to create records, update records, send emails and much more. With a recent update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a new option

Send an Email Notification When Adding a Note to a Case in CRM
August 21, 2013

Workflows are a great way for achieving automation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. PowerObjects has published numerous blogs already on various tips and tricks for using workflows in CRM. To add

How to Execute a Failed Workflow Using CRM ExecuteWorkflowRequest in a Console Application
July 24, 2013

Workflows are an extremely useful tool in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how to execute a workflow using the CRM ExecuteWorkflowRequest message in a console application. In