Boosting Your Sales and Marketing Productivity with PowerPack Add-ons
August 15, 2018

Learn about a few of our favorite PowerPack add-ons and get a customer’s take on how these tools have helped their marketing in these featured videos!

D365 In Focus: The 3 Best Features of PowerMap
August 9, 2018

In this Dynamic 365 In Focus video, PowerPack Pro, Zach, guides us through the three best features of our PowerMap add-on for CRM.

Creating Your Customer Care Dream Team
April 17, 2018

Organizations big and small, across all industries, are refocusing on customer care strategies. Does your customer care strategy take you the distance?

Visualizing Data in Dynamics 365
January 2, 2018

We’ll walk you through a few different methods of visualizing your data in Dynamics 365 and how they can benefit you and your team!

PowerPacks: Santa’s Secret for Surviving the Holidays
December 8, 2017

Discover some of the Dynamics 365 PowerPack add-ons that Santa and his elves use to dominate the Christmas holiday in today’s blog!

Introducing PowerGeoLog: Keeping your CRM System Safe and Sound
March 17, 2016

We’re pleased to announce the release of PowerGeoLog, our latest PowerPack Add-On for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. PowerGeoLog allows users to add an additional layer of security to their Dynamics CRM

PowerMap: Mobile CRM Mapping On the Go
January 28, 2016

Do users of your CRM system leave the office as part of their job? If so, you want them to be effective on the go and enable them to visualize

PowerMap: Sharing a Map View in Dynamics CRM
September 5, 2014

Imagine you’ve driven an hour to make a sales call and you land the sale in half the time you scheduled, great! You call your sales manager to share the

PowerMap: Locate Records in a Specific Area in Dynamics CRM
July 16, 2014

Overview When traveling to visit customers and prospects, many people would like to make the best of their trip.  That is why it is a common request for CRM to

How to Place PowerMap in a Dashboard in Dynamics CRM
June 11, 2014

If you’re looking for a more visual representation of records in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, PowerMap will be your new best friend. PowerMap lets users choose an entity in CRM,

Mapping Appointments in Dynamics CRM with PowerMap
April 17, 2014

For the traveling salesperson, nothing is more exciting than a perpetual road trip in a convertible and a zeal for winning deals for their company. The top salesperson is always

Using the New Features of PowerMap 2013 for Dynamics CRM
February 7, 2014

The PowerMap add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has some fun new tools for 2013, and we are bursting at the seams to introduce you to the fancy features. Come along